The LULAC of Riverside Community Service Foundation was established as a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized to directly impact our community.This fund has helped provide medical, dental, and vision services to nearly 3,000 individuals since 2012.  


DACA Renewal Scholarship: The sudden end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has several young people in fear of deportation from the only country they call home. There is a small window in which people may qualify to renew their DACA status for two more years. To learn more about our efforts supporting young people through the DACA Renewal Scholarship CLICK HERE 

Sixth Annual Health & Dental Clinic: For the past six years, LULAC Council 3190 along with our partners the Flying Doctors, Riverside University Health Systems, the Tzu Chi Foundation and countless others have provided health, dental and vision services --no questions asked. To learn more about our efforts CLICK HERE